Monday, October 26, 2009

The Way To Go!

By Roy Heale
Travelling throughout Argentina is a pleasant experience on the luxury double-decker motor coaches. On a recent journey from Buenos Aires to Mendoza----approximately 1000kms---I chose to ride the coach instead of flying. I wanted to enjoy some of the Argentine countryside as I made my first trip outside the city of Buenos Aires. Plus the fact that it cost less than $40 made it a very attractive mode of transportation.

The coach terminal at Retiro in Buenos Aires is conveniently located and the arrival in Mendoza was in the heart of the city and just a short walk to my accommodations. Departure was exactly on time at 7AM and it was a beautiful sunny day. Perfect conditions to enjoy the scenery.

Surprisingly the coach was almost full at the beginning of the journey and along the route as we left some passengers behind in the smaller towns it seemed that an equal number boarded the coach to begin their trip. Although the stops along the way occurred almost every hour these were only brief interruptions, welcomed by many as an opportunity to stretch their legs for a few minutes. The extended break for lunch was just about half way through the journey at a restaurant with an extensive menu yet quicker than normal service.

Although it was a sixteen hour sojourn the scenery made it seem far shorter. I finally understood how the Argentine apppetite for beef is easily satisfied when I spied the large cattle herds feasting on the pampas grass. Stopping at so many small towns also gave me a better insight as to how the rural communities have grown and developed into thriving communities.

All in all it was a pleasant and educational journey with no stress. For the ride home I am going to try the overnight luxury sleeping berths and first class service with a meal and wine---on a coach!

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