Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stunning Video of Buenos Aires with Aerial Shots

Watch this video and see some great aerial shots of the city parks and buildings. Then come and visit and see for yourself!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lakeside Tourist Paradise,
Villa Rumipal, Cordoba, Argentina

By Roy Heale

Tercero River Reservoir

During the Argentine summer months of December, January, and February many tourists turn to the outdoors for leisure activities under the hot sun and during the warm days. The Calamuchita Valley in the Sierras of Cordoba Province is one of the most well known tourist destinations with those who enjoy lakeside outdoor activities.

Villa Rumipal is one of the workers settlements established during the construction of the Tercero River dam during the first half of the twentieth century. The closest city is Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, located just seventeen kilometers away. The sleepy small town with tree-lined quiet streets is peaceful, relaxing, and offers a full range of activities in and around the lake.

Quiet Tree Lined Streets

Nestled on the shore of the very large Tercero River Reservoir and including several waterways which contribute to this vast lake, this is a place where boating, fishing, swimming, and more water sports prevail in the crystal clear waters. El TorreĆ³n and Corcovados Beaches are the most popular and offer a range of activities.

The climate is ideal for outdoor life, including events such as the Lake Provincial Festival and its traditional swim across the lake, the Criollo Holy Week, the endurance championships, plus model airplanes tournaments with radio controlled flights. These are all memorable events for visitors throughout the year.
Posada Chapaq Nan

Lago Hotel

Villa Rumipal has a lakeside camping site, numerous cabin rentals, and two new hotels (Lago Hotel and Posada Chapaq Nan) near the waterfront plus several local cafes and restaurants offering Argentine specialty dishes. It is recommended to book early due to the immense popularity in the summer months and the limited number of accommodations available.
Local Restaurants

Enjoy this summer playground situated beside one of the regions largest lakes.