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Gay Friendly Vacation Cottage Rentals, Vaqueros, Salta, Argentina

Peaceful Vaqueros, Salta, Argentina
By Roy Heale

Located in the foothills of the Andes at 4000'above sea level, Vaqueros is a small country village at the northern edge of the city of Salta, Argentina. With a resident population of about 4000 persons, here you will see traditional Argentina Gauchos (cowboys) on horseback making their way around the hamlet, enjoy a small town atmosphere and great low prices in restaurants or local shops.

Vaqueros Town Center

Visitors can experience horseback riding on the mountain trails, hiking around the hillsides, or take a guided quadricycle tour. Or you can stroll along the trail of the Artisans, a circuit to appreciate popular local arts and crafts fabricated in wood, leather, clay and wool.

Gay-friendly accommodations are available located just 100 meters from the river and about the same distance from the village center. Luis Pezzini offers traditional Argentine cottages with all amenities from US$50 per night and they sleep up to four adults. With digital TV, WiFi, heating, and comfortable furnishings these living quarters are perfect for a country get-away and yet remain close to the city of Salta.

Comfortable Cottages

There is regular bus service (about every 15 minutes) to the city or a remise ride for about US$5.00 to downtown Salta. Your host is also very knowledgeable on the local area and can help with outdoor activities or tour advice.

Save money and enjoy the low cost of living in Vaqueros while you enjoy the beautiful North West Argentina vacation attractions and the historic city of Salta. Find out why they call this Salta La Linda ---Salta The Beautiful!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Exclusively Gay Azarenko Boutique Hotel, San Lorenzo, Salta, Argentina

Exclusively Gay Azarenko Boutique Hotel, Salta, Argentina
By Roy Heale

The charming Villa San Lorenzo is located in the Lerma Valley at the foot of the Eastern Cordillera Andes foothills just on the edge of the city of Salta, Argentina. This leisurely village is a popular vacation destination where visitors can combine outdoor nature activities with city attractions nearby. Villa San Lorenzo offers a natural environment ideal for adventure tourism activities and eco-tourism in the mountain forest. Its landscape, mountains, hills and rivers, are an invitation to enjoy nature, tranquility and the great outdoors. Horseback riding or hiking in the mountains by day can be accompanied by urban gourmet dining and folklore entertainment by night.

Quebrada de San Lorenzo Nature Reserve

Summer siestas in the City of Salta leave the city motionless, suspended in the heat. Escaping to the village of San Lorenzo, with its leafy roads and refreshing shade from the suns rays, is extremely popular. This hamlet is ideal for a stroll about, ride a bike, go on quad excursions, or photographic safaris across the mountain rainforest. Apart from its ravine, the micro-climate combines lush vegetation, fresh air, and clear waters, which entice visitors to return often.

San Lorenzo

Set in the jungle of the Yungas (tropical rainforests on the slopes of the mountains) the scenery is breathtaking, lush green, and tropical. The approximate 5000 local inhabitants doubles during the summer months and the village hums with activities. Now gay and lesbian vacationers can enjoy the luxury, exclusively gay, Azarenko Boutique Hotel while visiting Salta.

Azarenko Boutique Hotel Living Area Main Floor

Already a popular LGBT travel destination, Salta is an historic town in Northwest Argentina and now there is an exclusively gay---hetero friendly---boutique hotel (opened in June 2013) for gay travellers to enjoy. Situated just 8 kms (10 minutes) from downtown Salta Capital, on several acres of beautiful grounds in San Lorenzo, Azarenko Hotel Boutique offers six deluxe themed rooms and suites with breakfast included. Inside the rooms and the main house is non-smoking, but the two large verandas and spacious grounds allow for outdoor smoking areas.

Lovely Verandahs

Gay-owned and operated by partners Ricardo and Enrique, this beautiful mansion offers quiet, secluded privacy on a tree-lined, secluded street in the heart of San Lorenzo and close to the city. After three months of extensive renovations, the hotel opened in June 2013 and the attention to detail is of a very high standard to guarantee guests' satisfaction and luxurious enjoyment. Whether soaking up the rays poolside, enjoying the peace and quiet on a verandah, or relaxing on a comfortable couch in the grand living room, guests are certain to be satisfied here with their choice of accommodations in Salta, Argentina.

The main floor Art Bar is a permanent art gallery where you can enjoy a delicious Torrontes wine, champagne, or a cocktail, with a varied menu available.

Marilyn Monroe Room
The six themed rooms are stylish and large, each comes with a variety of windows for natural light and en-suite bathrooms. Enjoy the Donna Summer, Whitney Houston, Judy Garland, Edith Piaf, Aretha Franklin, or Marilyn Monroe rooms and suites from US$150 per night for one or two persons---breakfast included. Each is uniquely furnished and decorated offering a truly unique experience for a vacation, special occasion, weekend getaway, or even a honeymoon suite. The rooms are located on the ground floor and second level of this grand country home.
Edith Piaf Room

The hotel has six comfortable single, double, or triple rooms overlooking the magical setting of the landscape with forest and hills almost at your fingertips. Each are decorated with elegance, sophistication, and unique works of art.


•Room Marilyn Monroe, Master Suite Premium of 47 m2, double Hydro, separate shower.

•Room Edith Piaf, Deluxe Master Suite 42 m2, simple and hydro-shower.

•Room Judy Garland, Junior Suite (PA) of 32 m2, view facing the hill, with bathroom.

•Room Aretha Franklin, Junior Suite (PB) of 30 m2, view facing the hill, with bathroom.

•Room Whitney Houston, Junior Suite (PB) of 28 m2, side view, with hydro simple, built-in shower.

•Room Donna Summer, Junior Suite (PB) of 30 m2, side view, with bath.
Whitney Houston Room

Facilities & Services:

All rooms equipped with heating, queen / king size.

•Living room.

•Wi-Fi Service.

•Transfer to and from Airport.

•Transfers from / to the city with fixed schedules.

•Parking, fax, NDD and IDD at reception.
Sheltered Outdoor Swimming Pool

If you are planning a special occasion or simply want to have dinner at home, with a minimum of 24 hours notice your hosts Ricardo and Enrique will plan a special dinner according to your tastes. Or you can plan your own traditional Argentine Asado (BBQ) on the outdoor parilla.

San Lorenzo began as a summer village but now has a full-service infrastructure and tourist facilities consisting of outdoor activities, hiking in the mountains, restaurants, tea houses, boutiques and more.

Castillo de San Lorenzo
With historic and conserved buildings, it is characterized by nineteenth-century mansions, among which stands out the Castillo de San Lorenzo. Its tree-lined streets reach the Quebrada de San Lorenzo Nature Reserve, or you can visit the main church and central plaza. The mountain forest and tranquility make the villa an ideal place for relaxation. The City of Salta is a short, convenient bus ride away or a 10 minute inexpensive taxi ride. Also, many day trips are available to destinations in the Andes where local culture and traditions can be observed. Your hosts at Azarenko Boutique Hotel will be happy to help you with local tours and advice.

Azarenko Boutique Hotel, Salta, Argentina
So now you can plan a very gay stay in Salta, Argentina and enjoy comfortable LGBT hospitality high in the Andes mountains where every day is magical and mystical.

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New Buenos Aires Farmers Market in Palermo

Market Entrance
By Roy Heale

The Buenos Aires Feria de Alimentos Saludables (Healthy Food Fair) was held on August 17th and 18th and was a huge success. The sun was shining, the sky was blue,  and it was more like a spring day than a mid-winter weekend. Thousands of locals and tourists alike turned out to sample foods, beverages, spices, cheeses and great food entrees. The fair will take place one weekend per month and more details are available at:

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Parks and Plazas Abound in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Plaza San Martin
By Roy Heale

Splendid parks and plazas abound in Buenos Aires enabling both locals and tourists to enjoy relaxing green spaces in the heart of this mecca. Varying in size and scope, these urban retreats all offer a unique perspective on the history of Buenos Aires and often feature statues and memorials to prominent Argentine political or military leaders.

 Great Ombú Tree

One of my personal favorites is the Plaza San Martin located in the Retiro neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Situated at the northern end of pedestrian Florida Street, the park is bounded by Libertador Ave. (N), Maipú St. (W), Santa Fe Avenue (S), and Leandro Alem Av. (E). With a history dating back to the 18th century, today the park is encircled by many historic moments in Argentina's history.

Second Empire Paz Palace  Grand Entrance

Some of the Plaza's past includes the 33-story Art Deco Kavanagh Building which was completed in 1936, Plaza San Martín's great Ombú tree, the monument to José de San Martín---the plaza's namesake---and the monument for the fallen in the Falklands War. Three architecturally significant mansions facing the plaza surviving today include the Beaux Arts San Martín Palace (today the ceremonial annex of the Foreign Ministry), the Second Empire Paz Palace (today the Military Officers' Association) and the Neogothic Haedo palace (today the Secretariat of Environmental Policy).The plaza in 1909 was the site for the inaugural of both the first premier hotel in Argentina (the Plaza) and of the new National Museum of Fine Arts (the latter was later moved to Recoleta).

Beautiful Aged Trees

The large, aged trees provide excellent shade on a Buenos Aires hot sunny day, and the pathways and park benches offer a wide variety of perspectives to enjoy year round.

Torcuato & Regina Bar-Bistro

On the southwest corner of the Plaza, the Torcuato & Regina Bar-Bistro is conveniently located to enjoy the sidewalk cafe tables plus the huge windows provide a perfect view for relaxing and indoor dining, or simply meeting friends for drinks. Close to the downtown business district, many historic sights, and the bustle of the Florida Street pedestrian mall, it is also the perfect respite for a break from strenuous activities affording time to stop and smell the roses in an otherwise frenetic day.

Start of Florida Street

So find a good book or your favorite magazine and head to Plaza San Martin for a relaxing time in the hub of Buenos Aires and perhaps go shopping afterwards on the renowned Florida Street pedestrian mall.