Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nip N'Tuck Vacations in Buenos Aires

By Roy Heale

Recently the spiraling health care costs and long hospital waiting lists in many western countries have encouraged the global development of medical outsourcing. One of the major beneficiaries of this outsourcing is Buenos Aires, Argentina where cosmetic surgery and hospital costs have long been identified as lower priced but with a high standard of medical practitioners. In fact the low cost of treatments here will usually offset the cost of a vacation in the Paris of South America---as Buenos Aires is affectionately known. Little wonder that the gay and lesbian community has caught on to this wonderful way to enjoy a rejuvenating holiday and return home with a refreshed new look.
Medical tourism is expected to be a $40 billion per year industry by 2010 and Buenos Aires will be one of the major beneficiaries of this spending. According to Christopher Henson of RefreshMed---a gay-owned concierge service specializing in medical tourism---the popularity of Buenos Aires is growing constantly as the place to visit and receive a cosmetic treatment while enjoying the city but spending the same amount of money as a medical procedure at home. This is especially true today as the current economic climate is providing even lower costs for airline tickets and accommodations while the rejuvinating procedures have remained consistently priced.
Everything from state-of-the-art liposuction to Lasik eye surgery, facelifts, dental veneers and teeth whitening, or simple botox treatments are available in Buenos Aires. A company like RefreshMed provides a complete service from arranging accommodations, airport transfers, excursions, and of course the medical consultations and treatments with certified professionals. In fact it is important to consult a local established company to ensure that all surgeons meet high standards and qualifications recognized globally. Also, the local contact needs to be fluently bilingual as Spanish is a pre-requisite to navigating your way around the city and medical processes. It is also important to understand the process, how long the treatments will take, and the recuperation periods in order to plan a vacation of the right duration in ensuring a return home with that perfect new-look.
The dazzling city of Buenos Aires is recognized as one of South America's gay meccas and a any vacation here will be memorable. The sizzling nightlife in gay bars and clubs, gourmet dining, and of course Tango, are just a part of what this city has to offer the LGBT tourist. The architecture, parks and boulevards, crafts and antique markets, and much more offer complete day and night entertainment for any gay vacation. And just imagine going home refreshed, renewed, and relaxed plus looking like a whole new person!
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