Friday, February 20, 2009


By Roy Heale

Believe it or not the hot, dry desert has certain similarities with the cold, dry winters in Canada---parched skin problems. And what better way to discover the cure for this northern curse than to experience a spa treatment designed specifically to moisten a male body's surfaces using local desert remedies. I set out to compare a couple of these special treatments and judge their effectiveness for myself.
First I visited Spa Terre at the Riviera Resort & Spa. After explaining my major reason for the visit my therapist recommended the Native Desert Sage treatment and massage. He assured me that this would not only solve my skin problems but it would enlighten my senses and lift my spirits. First I enjoyed the hot pools and developed a nice warm glow all over before the treatment began. Once on the massage table my workout began with a gentle exfoliating body polish which was followed by a warm shower without soap. When I returned to the massage table heaven and the angels enveloped me as the aromatic massage began using a rare desert sage oil for effect. I gently slipped into a lower level of consciousness as strong hands worked the magic oils into my parched skin. It seemed to last forever but when his hands ceased their marvellous work it felt like it had only lasted for seconds and I wanted more. Alas it was over! It was time for me to return to normal levels of awareness, head to my room and prepare for dinner. However, I was definitely moving slowly and in the mood for a nice long, relaxing dinner at the Falls Restaurant. Whatever the excuse I could easily become very accustomed to this kind of pampering.
My second experiment took place at The Spa in the Spa Resort Casino. I began with their signature service Taking of the Waters. This proved to be a truly incomparable combination of steam, sauna, Eucalyptus inhalation followed by a therapeutic, relaxing ten minute soak in my own private sunken tub filled with the Spa's famous hot mineral waters. Then it was time for my aromatherapy one hour therapeutic massage with a custom-blended pure essential oil designed to soften and moisturise my skin. Here the emphasis was placed upon the massage and when it was over every muscle in my body seemed to have completely stopped functioning as total relaxation set in. After a few minutes resting on the massage table I was able to move again in order to shower, dress myself and head off to the Fisherman's Market and Grill for a light luncheon of my favorite Halibut and chips.
Well now to my conclusions. I've been home for several weeks and instead of my usual immediate re-acclimatisation to the winter atmosphere with instant itchiness and dry finger tips I can almost say my skin feels like a baby's bottom. That might be a slight exaggeration with my advancing years but all things are relative and I can feel like a baby if I want to. Without a doubt these desert spa therapists have some magic potions and they know how to make you feel rejuvenated.

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