Thursday, April 3, 2014

An Afternoon in Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires

By Roy Heale
Sometimes an escape from the heart of the city of Buenos Aires and the traditional tourist attractions can be a welcome relief on a hot summer afternoon. If you are feeling adventurous then a short twenty minute train ride from the Retiro station will take you to the Barrio of Vicente Lopez and the expansive coastal parkland and beaches.

                                            Paseo de la Costa
Just a few blocks from the train station is Carlitos restaurant where you can enjoy a refreshing brunch of crepes, omelets, sandwiches, or salads accompanied by freshly squeezed juices or beer and wine. The excellent service and home cooked meals are a delight at economical prices. Start your visit here and then take the short two blocks walk to the coastal promenade.

                                           Carlitos Restaurant

                                          Carlitos Patio

The Paseo de la Costa is an expansive riverside green space with different sectors and is ideal for enjoying the outdoors with family or friends. During weekends the Coastal Promenade is closed to vehicular traffic and welcomes thousands of people who come to walk, jog, roller blade, and bicycle alongside the Rio de la Plata.

Some of the places that stand out in the Paseo de la Costa are the pedestrian bridge, the amphitheater "Arturo Illia " the memorial of the millennium, the Arenales Peninsula, and Vito Dumas tribute monument to the " Lone Sailor ".

                                          Treed Areas Providing Shade
The Children's Park with its thirty-two acres is an ideal walk for everyone to enjoy, especially on hot sunny days. From the coastal walk enjoy the Rio de la Plata vista with numerous sailboats and where fishing enthusiasts along the riverbank try their luck with their fishing rods and lines.

                                          Outdoor Sports
The park has areas with trees, picnic tables, and sports fields for soccer and more. There are also restrooms, a nursing station, kiosks, drinking fountains, family playgrounds, and parking for cars. In recent years the city government has installed artificial sandy beaches with umbrellas, chairs, showers and sports activities for families to enjoy in the sun and fresh air. In addition there is free Wi Fi Internet for those who need to stay in touch.

                                           Vicente Lopez Café

On your return journey allow enough time to visit the Vicente Lopez Cafe on the north side of the train station. This delightful café is perfect for a light breakfast or afternoon tea, coffee and fresh pastries. The baked goods are a delight and prepared every day to ensure a tasty treat. They have a courtyard patio across the street, outdoor sidewalk tables, and a large indoor restaurant. The short menu offers a variety of teas, coffees, sandwiches, salads, and of course freshly baked delights. The service is impeccable, efficient, and friendly. It's a great place for a snack or light meal and is conveniently located to start your visit with a traditional Argentine breakfast of medialunas or to enjoy your last few moments in Vicente Lopez with a sweet treat.

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