Thursday, October 3, 2013

Argentina's National Flower Festival Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Floral City Park, Escobar, Argentina
By Roy Heale

Anyone who has wandered the streets of Buenos Aires would probably have noticed the countless flower vendors offering their remarkably fresh blooms at very low prices. This phenomenon is due to the fact that Escobar---the so called Flower Capital of Argentina---is just under a one hour drive from the heart of Buenos Aires facilitating reasonable prices and fresh supply.

Floral Displays

Celebrating spring each year Escobar hosts the National Flower Festival and this year marks the 50th Anniversary of this fiesta. Starting at the end of September and for the first two weeks of October visitors to the park known as Floral City can enjoy floral displays, lush grounds, and of course Argentine specialty foods including fresh fruits and a variety of meats cooked on a large outdoor Parilla----BBQ.

Fresh Fruit Sundaes

Outdoor Parilla

The last Saturday includes a parade of floral floats in the evening with the reigning Queen of the National Flower Festival presiding over the celebrations.

Visitors travel from all over Argentina to celebrate spring and you might even see gauchos---cowboys---from the Pampas in traditional costumes. Entertainment stages offer local folklore dancers in costume and regional musicians playing Spanish favorite tunes.

Gauchos From The Pampas

There is a nominal admission charge to help offset the Festival costs but an afternoon strolling around the park and enjoying magnificent spring flowers, trees, and shrubs is priceless!

The town of Escobar is easily reached from Buenos Aires by local buses and the journey takes just less than one hour. From the heart of Escobar a short inexpensive taxi ride will take visitors to the park.

So if you happen to visit the city of Buenos Aires at the launch of Spring, then be sure to take some time to stop and smell the roses!

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