Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Latin American Spanish Classes and More in Buenos Aires

Historic Buenos Aires Architecture

By Roy Heale

There are many reasons why LGBT tourists are flocking to the new Latin American gay mecca of Buenos Aires, Argentina for vacations and the recent numbers from the Argentine Ministry of Tourism indicate a 30% increase of international travelers since this time last year. During today's global economic restraints one of the most important reasons for this increase is the lower costs for most vacations in Argentina. But many other factors have also contributed to the higher volume of travelers and they include niche market holidays for cosmetic surgery, dental enhancements, Botox treatments, tango dance lessons, and Spanish lessons. The latter of these is becoming a new growth tourism industry as the Spanish language is becoming more important globally and the Latin American dialect versus European Spanish is more desirable for practical purposes back home.

Although many companies offer a variety of travel services in Argentina, there is one very gay-freindly company---myArgentinahome---which specializes in custom designed holidays which include the accommodations, tours, transfers, Spanish lessons, and more. Owner Max Gotz speaks English fluently---in fact you would think it was his mother language---plus French. Gotz operates his company with a high standard of efficiency not always common in Latin America's laid back lifestyle. He and his staff will plan a vacation from start to finish with all the personal touches for individual needs.

Morning Coffee in La Boca Cafe

The accommodations offered by myArgentinahome are vacation apartment rentals in the most popular Recoleta and Palermo gay-friendly communities of Buenos Aires and other Argentine cities. Most of these apartments are real homes for Argentine residents which they rent to visitors. This is unlike other vacation apartment rentals which are more like hotel rooms with kitchens. Each apartment home comes complete with all luxuries including cable TV, WiFi, full kitchens, and more for a perfect home-away-from-home experience. If you are also studying Spanish this makes for the perfect quiet, peaceful environment for your class assignments and extra studies. This also ensures a genuine Argentine experience while visiting this Latin American mecca.

For the past seven years myArgentinahome has been working with LGBT foreigners to create the perfect visit to Argentina and also to assist those who have decided to purchase real estate in Argentina or relocate to this South American country. Property management, legal, and tax accounting services are a cornerstone of the business and allows Gotz to provide a complete turnkey package for any requests made by visitors or investors.

With the increase in demand for Spanish lessons Gotz has developed relationships with the best schools for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and conversational Spanish classes at reasonable prices offering a variety of course durations to fit almost any individual requests.

Interior of Historic Cafe Tortoni

The website offers a comprehensive listing and photos of the apartment rentals, tours, cities, and other details of the services which they can provide. Whether it be a tour of a local estancia, the Iguazu Falls, the Tigre Delta Islands, or a visit to the wine country in Mendoza, the expert staff at myArgentinahome are ready to assist with any plans and ensure a hassle- free visit to this spectacular and vast country.

So for those who have already heard about the Paris of South America and are ready for dazzling gay nightlife, Spanish Classes, a Nip 'n Tuck, or just a relaxing holiday in gay-friendly Buenos Aires then myArgentinahome is the answer to all the travel needs for a flawless visit.

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