Saturday, January 16, 2010

Relaxing Feng Shui in the Heart of Buenos Aires' Palermo Community

Photos and Story by Roy Heale

In a city of thirteen million people you might think it is hard to escape the urban noise and bustle, but residents of Palermo in the heart of Buenos Aires are fortunate to have large parks and woodlands close at hand. One of the smaller parks within this green space is the Jardin Japones---Japanese Garden---where the Feng Shui influence creates a tranquil escape under the shadows of high-rise towers.

Supervised by the Japanese Cultural Foundation of Arentina these gardens have been in existence since 1969 to create a peaceful oasis for visitors to enjoy year-round. The park was constructed to honor a visit by one of the Japanese princes of that era. It includes a pavillion with a traditional Japanese tea-house, cultural center, library, and Oriental souvenirs. Plus of course the gardens are landscaped with lakes full of fish and ducks, footbridges, walkways, a greenhouse, and garden ornaments encompassing Feng Shui traditions. A leisurely stroll around the grounds will prove to be a very calming and tranquil relief from the busy city. You can even purchase your very own Bonsai tree to take home as a souvenir of your visit.

Children can enjoy feeding the fish---mostly large Carp---in the ponds or attending an origami folding class in the cultural center. Throughout the year Asian cultural fairs and festivals take place in the grounds.

The garden is located at the intersection of Avenue Berro Adolfo and Avenue Casares opposite the Plaza Alamenia---German Plaza. The park admission is a very nominal two dollars towards the expenses and administration which provides several hours of enjoyment. During the summer the park hours are Monday to Friday 10AM to 6PM and Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 7PM and check their website for winter hours.

Although the park is enjoyable throughout the year it is alive with colors during early spring and late fall. It provides a picturesque garden for all the family to enjoy amidst the Palermo woodlands and parks.

It's just another of the many reasons why I truly enjoy my new home in the heart of Palermo.

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