Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Court Overturns Ruling That Authorized Gay Marriage

Courtesy of the Buenos Aires Herald
A Judge ordered to suspend the first gay wedding that had been scheduled for December 1st in Buenos Aires City after the ruling that authorized the marriage was overturned.
The head of the Civil Court---85 Marta Gómez Alsina---ordered to suspend the wedding of Alex Freyre and José María Di Bello.
Buenos Aires City General Attorney Pablo Tonelli said that the "Civil Registry where they were supposed to get married has already notified us of the decision by the Judge to suspend it."
The wedding of Freyre and Di Bello had been authorized by a ruling ordered by Judge Gabriela Seijas.
Supreme Court Justice Carlos Fayt said Argentina's highest tribunal is currently analyzing a ruling on the possible legalization of same-sex marriages, as the first gay wedding was suspended following an appeals court ruling. The case now awaits a final decision in the hands of the Supreme Court.
Gay activists were demonstrating on December 1st in Buenos Aires in a move to press the authorities to go forward with a law draft to legalize homosexual marriages.
Judge Gabriela Seijas issued a second ruling in favour of the same-sex marriage, thus confirming her first ruling allowing on the legalization of gay marraige.
There is no indication as to how long the Supreme Court will take to reach a conclusion for this appeal.

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