Sunday, April 5, 2009

Touring Florianopolis

By Roy Heale
Although the Island of Florianopolis is relatively small it soon becomes apparent that there is a multitude of outdoor activities to enjoy here. From surfing to sailing, hiking, swimming in freshwater lagoons, cycling or fishing, there is never a dull moment here. With over 42 beaches---some say as many as one hundred---and mountains plus small fishing villages, exploring this island needs expert local advice to maximise your vacation.
Marta and Lesley from Brazil Ecojourneys are ready to assist you in planning the perfect visit which suits your own personal preferences for a vacation full of outdoor activities. For just over five years they have been helping travellers to plan the perfect time on their island paradise. From local Pousada accommodations to trekking in the mountains they know their island.
Their tours have included hiking in the Serra Geral mountain range, whale watching at Praia do Rosa, trekking, biking and rafting tours, train rides with a rainforest expedition and of course exploring the beaches and fishing villages not accessible by roads. But most importantly they will customise a tour to suit your own ideas for what makes the perfect holiday.
They are very knowledgeable and speak fluent English and Portugese which makes your Florianopolis adventure a guaranteed well-organised experience without any hassles or unpleasant surprises.
Head to Brazil and enjoy a vacation in the sun with spectacular sights and memories to take home.

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